Our Handcrafting Process

Working with glass rods and flame, glass artisans must first transform molten liquid into their graceful forms. Each piece we produce is handcrafted by our master artisans with its own intricate design and detailing. Using decorative elements and special processes, our glass sculptures come to life.


Through creative collaboration of Glass Baron marketing, designers and artisans, innovative glass gift ideas are prototyped and perfected. Each piece takes on a life of its own as the prototype is passed along to our master glass artisans.


The quality control team checks for imperfections in the glass at every step during the production process. Every piece must be consistent in the color and intricate detailing of the original master design sample.


To achieve the frosted look on some of our pieces, we use a technique called sandblasting. This delicate process removes thousands of microscopic chips from the surface, leaving a soft, frosted, shimmering texture.

22kt Gold

The gilding process is uniquely distinct and adds the rich detail that enhances the beauty of each piece. 22kt gold is brushed on by hand, and then the piece is then fired at 1,050 degrees for a gleaming and sparkling golden luster.


All the tints and shades of nature are found in our artist's palette. Using a freehand airbrush, artisans apply touches of color using our own hand blended paints to transform clear glass into spectacular works of art.


We use Genuine Crystals on our glass figurines, jewelry and Christmas ornaments. Each crystal is applied by hand to add even more detail to the finished piece of art.

finishing touches

To wrap up a design, we add finishing touches such as a hand beveled mirror base or a beautiful wood base to make the perfect gift.